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Epsilon ECA

Epsilon ECA is an Environmental consulting company. It was created as a simple website to help the owner advertise their business. I worked with them to create marketing material to make their branding cohesive. View Website

Rainbow in a Cloud

Rainbow in a Cloud is a family owned daycare center in Long Beach, CA. My son was attending this daycare and they allowed me to redesign the website for free. My son is too old now, but I love this place and it’s near and dear to my heart.

Pilates by Azalea

Pilates by Azalea was created as a redesign for a family owned Pilates studio in Long Beach. The design was created with blue to show relaxation and calm emotions. Then Fun aspects were added for excitement. I wanted the website to feel exciting and calm at the same time. Pilates is a great way to …

Gilmore Music Store

Gilmore Music Store was my first website created in WordPress. The owner of the store approached me at my school to have his website redesigned. I didn’t have much experience at the time but I was willing to do my best. I’m grateful for the opportunity he gave me. I learned so much from it. …